Health and care for all



To create a healthier nation, ensure the physical, mental, spiritual, and social well being of the people of the Uva province through probation and child care and social welfare services, along with western and indigenous medical treatment services, and creating an empowered women’s community.


Followed by the ministry’s vision of Health and Care for All, the Uva Provincial Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Child Care and Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare is committed to managing physically and mentally healthy people in the province through the use of indigenous and western medical practices, and for the protection of children and women, social welfare and women’s development.


  • To produce a healthy community through western and indigenous medicine.
  • To produce a generation of children who are happy, healthy, and secure by providing the necessary services and get their contribution to the development of the Uva province.
  • To create a friendly environment for those who live in disadvantageous conditions in the province by expanding social welfare and social development activities.
  • Enhance the economic and social wellbeing through women’s empowerment.

The ministry and the following four provincial departments are functioning under the ministry to achieve the above goals.         

  • Uva Provincial Department of Health Services
  • Uva Provincial Department of Ayurveda
  • Uva Provincial Department of Probation and Child Care Services
  • Uva Provincial Department of Social Services

Among the subject areas are assigned to the ministry, the subject of Women’s Development is implemented directly by the ministry itself, and other subject areas are implemented through the provincial departments.

Health Service 

Apart from the Provincial General Hospital, Badulla, and the District General Hospital, Moneragala, there are 06 Base Hospitals, 40 Divisional Hospitals, 18 Divisional Estate Hospitals, 26 Primary Medical Care Units, and 27 Medical Officer of Health Offices functioning under the Uva Provincial Department of Health Services in the province. Other than that, there are Vector Controls Units, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) clinics, and Tuberculosis clinics have established in the Badulla and Moneragala towns of the two districts. Moreover, the Mental Health Resource Center and a Non-communicable Disease Control Unit are also functioning under the office of the Regional Director of Health Services, Badulla, and about 5,400 health staff who provide their services for health services under the Uva Provincial Department of Health Services.


Social Welfare Services 

The Uva Provincial Department of Social Services implements various programs in the province to enhance the health, economic, social and spiritual development of low-income earners and their families in the Uva province, to uplifting of disabled low-income earners, improve the standards of living of children and persons with special needs, protection and care of adults above 60 years of age and improve the standards of living of women in disadvantageous conditions and to help persons with disabilities. Social welfare programs such as public assistance payment, payment for kidney disease, payment for tuberculosis, construction of houses for low-income families with disabilities, providing educational assistance, and organize various spiritual development programs are carried out by this department. Also, 09 voluntary organizations are operating under the supervision of this department for the adults as well as children with special needs in the province.

Ayurveda Health Service

Ayurveda medical services are providing by the Provincial Ayurveda General Hospital, Diyatalawa. It functions under the purview of the Uva Provincial Department of Ayurveda that has established in Diyatalawa town. Besides, there are 02 District Ayurveda Hospitals, 05 Rural Ayurveda Hospitals, 23 Central Dispensaries, an Herbal Garden in Badalkumbura Divisional Secretariat Division, and an Ayurveda Pharmaceutical factory in the Miriswatta area that provide essential Ayurveda treatment services for the people of the province. For this, there is about 500 health staff throughout the Uva province.

Probation and Child Care Services

The Uva Provincial Department of Probation and Child Care is the apex body for child protection in the Uva province. It is provided services for child custody and protection under the power vested in it by the Acts, Regulations, and Court Orders. The department manages its own 08 children’s homes, and also there are 09 government registered volunteer children’s homes operate in the province. Also, the department handles the registration and supervision of daycare centers in the Uva province.


Women Development 

The power of the subject of Women’s Affairs is not vested in the provincial councils. But the various livelihood development projects are carried out by the ministry to uplift the standards of living of women in the province. The assistance obtains from Women Development Officers who provide services in the Divisional Secretariats, Sahana Sisters, and the Divisional Kantha Bala Mandala for implement such projects.